"Don't you dare..."

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Storm is a fluffy gray tabby she cat with a white underbelly, blue eyes, white paws, a black tail-tip, a bright pink nose, a round, plump stomach, and a large, thick scar on her hind leg.



Sex Female
Occupation Rogue-turned-warrior
Eyes Pale sky-blue
Coat Gray with white paws
Voice Zooey Deschanel


Livid StormsEdit

Storm is first seen in the midst of a storm. She dashes under the cover of a nearby hedge, of which was being destroyed. She is seen looking out from under it right as four ShadowClan cats appear. Two of the cats help her out from under the hedge and into their camp, the canopy of trees blocking most of the storm. They, Storm and the four cats, enter the camp, all of the Clan cats stopping to stare at her. She shrinks back in a corner when a bunch of kittens run at her, asking her various questions.

She doesn't have time to answer when Foxstep emerges from behind her. He asks Storm who she is and wonders why Blizzardstar allowed her inside the camp. She states who she is and that she is a rogue. Foxstep tells the kittens to take her to the medicine den as she is wounded. Honeyleaf is heard sorting herbs when she walks into the den. Honeyleaf asks who she is and asks how she thinks she received the wound. Storm replies saying a branch hit her. 

Honeyleaf pushes Storm towards a nest and tells the three apprentices to fetch some snow. She puts various pawfuls of snow onto Storm's wound until it stops bleeding.